Michael Sinnott-Director of Agile, UCD Agile, University College Dublin

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    Michael is responsible for supporting UCD’s ‘agility and effectiveness’ agenda, a major support initiatives in UCD’s Strategy 2015-2020, delivering process excellence, developing a continuous improvement culture, and building staff empowerment. Prior to this role Michael ran an operations unit in UCD Registry, originally joining UCD from IT consulting background.

    Presentation title- UCD Agile: Learning how to Lean a University

    Brief synopsis of talk

    In a University with 29,000 students, 3500 staff, six colleges, 36 schools, eight major support units, a budget of more than €400m, no ‘burning platform’ but the objective of ensuing the University is the best it can be, where do you begin with your Lean Six Sigma process enhancement and culture change programme? This talk will outline how UCD Agile took on this task, and what it has achieved, since it began its work in early 2016. (Note – the agile in Agile is agile in the non-technical sense).


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